New Year, New Trends

There are several interesting new interior trends on the block this year, from Granny-chic floral patterns to statement neon lighting. Here are the top 5 big trends that we think we’ll be seeing in ski chalets across the Alps:


  1. The new neutral

Has grey finally seen its day? It’s hard to imagine turning our back on what has been an interior staple for so long. That is until you see the new sandy neutrals inspired by jute, canvas, woods and linens.  These warmer colours will tone perfectly with alpine wooden interiors.


Image credit: White Lane Décor (Pinterest)



2. Modern Rustic

You may think you’ve seen it all before but the clue’s in the name with this contemporary take on classic rustic style. Simple wooden furniture complemented by layered rugs and textured cushions.


Image credit: Ikea


3. Cocooning

Covid19 has brought out the hibernation instinct in all of us. Cocooning is all about surrounding yourself in the squishiest and comfiest of sofas and soft furnishings. Well, we say that chalets have had this trend nailed for years!


Image credit: Andrew Martin



4. Let there be light!

When you are shut indoors for the best part of a year, the urge for natural light becomes undeniable. Large chalet windows that not only show off the beautiful mountain views but bathe the indoors in light will become top of the list for chalet hunters this year!

Image credit: Athena Advisers



5. Office space

With working from home now the norm, the next chapter will be working away from home. And by that, of course we mean working in the mountains. If being able to work anywhere enables people to extend their holidays or simply enjoy a change of scene, then we predict that this will become the next big thing. Including wifi and an office space in your chalet makes it more practical space for an extended family stay.

Image credit: Pinterest Kylee Shintaffer



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