Wintersteiger Innova 5 Pair Boot Dryer


Wintersteiger is the world leader for ski and board repair machinery and storage systems. This dryer is designed for use in chalets to dry and disinfect 5 pairs of ski or snowboard boots by blowing warmed, ozone enriched air through the boots.

The dryer comes complete with an ionising lamp to enrich the drying air and kill unwanted bacteria that cause the smell from footwear. With a two speed drying time (depending on the heat level selected) and integral time clock you can have warm, dry, disinfected boots every morning with a pleasant smelling boot room as well.

This product is made to order and has a lead time of 28 days.

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Material:  Sheet steel

Features: Integrated heating elements, air circulation fans and 6 hour timer clock

Volt: 230

Wattage: 850

Size: W26cm x D31cm x H224cm

Innova stand

Please note: The Wall Mounted Dryers must be attached to a good wall, a stand is optional but highly recommended to help weight bear.

This product is made to order and has a lead time of 28 days and is subject to a higher delivery rate.