Olive Additional Pieces


The Studio William Olive range is designed with beautifully refined asymmetric lines that challenge the appearance of traditional cutlery, bringing personality to the dining table.  This range was awarded the prestigious Reddot Award in 2007.

Studio William is a modern, forward thinking British cutlery company, founded in 2005 by the award winning industrial designer William Welch MA(RCA), FCSD, FRSA.  The company creates beautiful, perfectly weighted cutlery forms that feelsbalanced in the hand.  Each piece of cutlery is skillfully manufactured from the finest 18/10 stainless steel and is checked by hand to ensure that it meets the Food Service Industry’s quality standards.

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Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel

Size:  Salad Serving Fork Length 250mm, Coffee Spoon Length 116mm, Espresso Spoon Length 106mm, Steak Knife Length 250mm, Sauce Ladle Length 174mm, Pie Server Length 250mm, Long Tea Spoon Length 188mm, Cheese Knife Length 225mm, Butter Knife Length 172mm, Fish Fork Length 188mm, Fish Knife Length 225mm, Seafood Fork Length 150mm, Starter Spork Length 134mm

Finish: Mirror

Dishwasher Safe